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About Big Data

At Ardra Tech Solutions, we deliver consistent Big Data solutions and consulting services with high-end Data analytics that will align with your business objectives. We facilitate companies and organizations to leverage big data services by building powerful Big Data processes that are a complete package including its complete functionality with data visualization and data analysis. We are led by a team of professionals with real time experience in working with Big Data solutions and analytics with expert consulting that elevate your business. Large domains with tremendous computational needs along with the initiation of cloud setup that can allow secure, adaptable and low cost integrants. We have also catered Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions and services to clients belonging from different domains to help their business breed success.

Ardra Tech Solutions can help maneuver your existing data by filtering, organizing, improving and purgation for the advancement of data science models for your business that can be integrated with data pipelines for fraud and error detection. We also establish smart analytics for your business by skimming through your data based on the customer interactions, tools, social media platforms etc that will ease the process of understanding and comprehending your company’s data. Our Big Data incorporates machine learning, big data analytics solutions, data management, big data processing and strategies etc to make you a competent data oriented business.

Our Big Data services

 We at Ardra Tech Solutions can set up tailored data batches to process your company’s real time data.

We use open source platforms to collect, organize and manage various data sources.

We can help data lakes and warehouses for storage and reclaiming data.

 Augment business intelligence strategies and interactive dashboards for your business.

We can help build personalized models that fit your business type to speed up the automation process.

Why choose us ?

  • Ardra tech solutions is one the best Big Data service companies that work towards the common goal of delivering quality and assured services. 
  • Ardra tech solutions is operated by expert professionals with the highest level of experience in the field that can be leveraged to create scalable solutions from basic raw data information to create data pipelines and processes to give you a competitive advantage in the market. 
  • We employ strategies that can be integrated and customed in accordance with your business objectives. 
  • We offer personalized solutions based on your subsisting data functions to give your data processing a revolutionary turnover by introducing innovative data science models and data pipelines. 
  • Ardra Tech Solutions has hands-on experience and knowledge in working with clients concerning Big data services. We pick the virtuous, stable and cost friendly components for clients based on their individual requirements and needs.  
  • We incorporate relevant and contemporary technologies and data models, platforms and tools to ensure your business gets maximal value and advantage.