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About Database Services

Ardra Tech Solutions is a leading Database management service provider with services extended globally. We have 15+ years of professional expertise and have extended  our Database management services to some of the well known and reputable companies and clientele. Our team has an extensive understanding and knowledge in open source databases and closed source databases with qualified inputs and solutions after a thorough analysis of your database that matches your business requirements. We offer assistance and guidance that are inclusive of planning, designing and executing installations, upgrading databases and out and out monitoring services. Ardra Tech Solutions assures quality services and maximal performance leaving no room for errors or inaccuracies. We leverage big data and analytics to introduce contemporary data management services that are data driven and result-oriented.

Our database services

We help build a robust database architecture that fits in well with your business functionalities and processes.

We ensure optimum usage of systems and its resources for faster, effective and rapid performance.

We verily check and fix any bugs or errors in the system to improve its overall performance.

We implement high end strategies and techniques for secure database availability.

We constantly upgrade and update the databases with new additional versions of the database to cloud to elevate and advance the technological infrastructure.

A backup of the data will mandatorily be created by our team for further use and prevention of data loss.

Why choose us?

  • Ardra Tech Solutions offers custom services for an enhanced database management and performance that in turn works towards maximizing the ROI of the client companies. 
  • We have an advanced team of experts with IT and software expertise ranging for years with first hand experience with quality deliverance of solutions across platforms and systems. 
  • Ardra Tech Solutions maintains a sense of reliability and lucidity with our clients to generate maximum potential and outcomes that fulfills the required objective of the project.  
  • Our DBA experts will provide assistance and monitor the functions of the database to make susceptible conversions and alterations to create an effortless database and working environment. 
  • We extend our database management system services internationally and to industries ranging from banking, manufacturing, media, finance etc.