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About ETL Services

Ardra Tech Solutions is one of the prominent ETL service providers with global assistance and guidance in catering services that include quality resource management, data mining, data processing and data collection etc. We offer a wide and robust range of ETL data services with professional input and guidance to extend ETL processes in an unchallenging manner. We at Ardra, have a dynamic full range experience in outstretching our ETL services to different working industries inclusive of retail, healthcare, finance & banking, insurance etc. Our quick response and accelerated services can bring in established operations that can transform your working processes and models efficiently with lasting outcomes. Our expertise and skills can apprehend and integrate data from different resources to improve the decision making process and cost redundancy at the same time. Our assistance can help you scale up large scale data constructively with assured quality.

ETL Process.

The process of ETL majorly involves three main steps known as the Extraction, Transformation and Loading.

 Data is extracted and derived from source systems or networks to further process it for analytics. The main agenda would be to extract data without interfering with the performance, manpower and response time of the data sources by consuming minimal resources. The extracted data will then go through a quality check for errors, inconsistencies and infirm data which helps in providing precise and consistent data for a progressive analysis

Transformation of data helps in altering the data in a manner that matches the requirements by converting it to a conventional format. This process transfigures data in a way that eases the process of analysis, improving the speed and performance.

This process basically loads the imported, extracted and cleaned data into the target database. This process of Loading must not include too many resources and ensure appropriate execution of data based on the target database. This data can be loaded gradually or at a single go.

Why Choose us

Ardra tech solutions is one the best ETL service companies that work towards the common goal of delivering quality and assured services.

  • Ardra Tech Solutions has the advantage of experienced data strategies and practices that can change the dynamics and value of your business by giving you paramount business insights. 
  • Our ETL solutions can also be customized with tailored systems that match your requirements. You can customize it in accordance with the data collection methods and dashboards. 
  • We have real time experience in administering ETL and BI services to clients with successful outcomes. 
  • Our expert Ardra ETL professionals will conduct and organize timely checks on ETL to monitor and maintain the system’s high end performance quality and maintenance. 
  • We come up with astute strategies and resources to give out an advanced delivery. 

Popularly used ETL tools

  • IBM – Websphere DataStage
  • Microsoft – SQL Server Integration Services
  • Informatica – Power Center
  • SAP – BusinessObjects Data Integrator
  • Oracle – Data Integrator 
  • IBM – Cognos Data Manager 
  • Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)
  • KETL
  • Scriptella